Posted by: Lyle | April 18, 2014

Is it Spring Yet?

flowerbuttercard010 (Medium)

I know what the calendar says! But the thermometer says 30 some degrees! Easter is upon us  and I needed a card for you! So rather than go out in the cold I gathered the scraps on the table and made you a basket of flowers! Happy Spring!


  1. hoppy easter to you! hope it warms a bit…it’s cool here but not that cold. We are crazy over Lola, Olive is a bit worn out.

    we are like grandparents with this one…sharing pics til people are so tired of us!! Can’t imagine if I ever get a grand baby!

  2. 30 this morning, 70 this afternoon. wild and wacky Spring xox

  3. I’m feeling your spring in this collage, but I’m wallowing in our autumn.

  4. hi Lyle,
    Typepad must still be recovering…I am not getting emails with the comments from my blog, just happened to look there and saw you visited! Hope this horrible weather has missed you.


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