Posted by: Lyle | May 13, 2014

Talk, Talk, Talk

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Lets all stop talking and write the President and Ms. Obama to tell them we are appalled at the kidnappings in Nigeria and that we want the U.S. to DO something logical to get them back! Do we have to pay for the girls release? Perhaps that’s the only way to go and then relieve the hoodlums of their leader! Something  has to be done! Please write the White house and let them know your thoughts! What would our Govt. do  if these were American girls???


  1. It would be nice if every country stepped up to the plate. It would be great if this never happened again instead of all the time there, these are not the first girls and not the last. It would be nice if the world could be rid of all these barbaric practices that seems to happen to women and children….time to get over being politically correct and get something…done. xox

    • yes,you are right politically correct has to end!

  2. thank you for this call to action…we do not hesitate as a country to step in if oil is involved, but girls, humans…not so apparently important.

  3. Yes, I pray those girls are found soon… there are some horrible people in the world and we need to do everything we can to help.


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