Posted by: Lyle | June 5, 2014

Walking Women

The women walking in the header above will be there and keep walking until we learn the true fate of those Nigerian girls who were kidnapped! I realize many things must be done quietly and behind the scenes but we have heard nothing , not even that the search is on! I cant believe that the mothers of the world will just forget about the whole thing!Please write, email, facebook , do something to remind the powers that be that we want those girls found!


  1. So true, it has disappeared from the news altogther…xox

  2. We’ve had a few articles in the newspapers this week but no headway by the sounds of things.

    • thanks robyn! Its good to know that. at least in So. Africa the news is still reporting on the girls. if these were my girls I’d be frantic!

  3. It is quite amazing to hear the news of far away places that seem so bizarre and heartbreaking.. and nothing seems to change or get better.

    • donna, I quite agree! what really makes me crazy is that we can send troops limited they say to protect oil, but kidnapped humans aren’t worth anything politically! and now more men, women and children have been taken but no one seems to care!


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