Posted by: Lyle | July 11, 2014

Summer Fun ?

lillys and pops tree

When  I go out my back door this is what I see! Wish they looked like this all year around  ! M y neighbor’s kitchen window looks out on the Lilys  too . They hide the base of the steps in the summer and give us both something pretty to see. Indoors I’ve been busy cleaning out closets, moving pictures around, and trying to get rid of stuff I don’t need !Lots of stuff!  The Goodwill store has seen me often lately! Art work has taken a back seat this summer, but its calling me  and soon I’ll have some different things to share with you! Meanwhile, have a happy, calm, cool Summer!







  1. Thanks for the post card, love your stamps. The lilies are blooming here too and they are sweet. Nice clump you have there. xox

  2. Brrrr…. too cold here for lilies at the moment but I daresay it won’t be too long before they bloom.

  3. Summer is wonderful because our gardens come to life… with blooms and growth… your lilies are beautiful.

  4. and now it’s nearly over :(((( so sad. It is getting cool here. Fingers crossed for a long and lovely late summer/fall.


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