Posted by: Lyle | September 8, 2014


IMG_2801We have done many things over the summer but nothing that would be something special to blog about. I have fussed and fumed about all kinds of things, but to no avail. The missing girls in Africa have not been found,  no wars have been stopped and no terrorists captured. And I cant do anything about any of it but bellyache! However World Peace Day does come this month and I did feel inspired to make a “Flag for Peace” !As ever my walking women are searching for Peace as pieces of the globe fly off behind them and the birds of doom fly overhead!  We can only hope and pray for Peace in the world!




  1. Beautiful post. We all wish something positive would happen. Just have to keep putting out good stuff. Couldn’t comment on the blog for some reason. Xox

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  2. This is a very beautiful post. I too am sorry things are not improving anywhere. The world is a mess. We just have to keep making interesting art.

  3. Your women are so beautiful, walking, walking for Peace.


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