Posted by: Lyle | October 4, 2014

Here they come


Here they come!  The last of the dancers! For some strange reason I’ve been possessed by these dancing men with costumes of hand made paper. They are attached to paper spattered with black and a hand carved stamp of swirls. I tell myself no more! Its time to move on! I wonder if there is a message here that I am not “getting”  In any event you will not be visited by any more dancers. If I have my way!


  1. I like your dancers, they are always upbeat or powerful. Maybe it’s time to make some more!!! xox

  2. but I adore your dancers…both male and female…don’t stop!

  3. You have to follow your muse and if she says… more dancers… than so be it…they are wonderful. There is something about dancing that is so uplifting.


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