Posted by: Lyle | November 4, 2014

Gone From Sight


but not from our thoughts! I knew it was nearly impossible after all this time but I kept hoping that somewhere in the world someone would find a way to free those kidnapped schoolgirls! The Nigerian government  tried and basically were told to go fly a kite!  The rebel group holding them said they had converted to Islam and been married! do you believe that? I don’t.  What a terrible thing those parents must face – never to see their girls again! I cant imagine how I would have felt had they been my girls! Please don’t forget them! Its a crazy world we live in and just maybe someday someone will find a way to bring them home! Meanwhile you could say a little prayer for their safety!



  1. oh Lyle…so much sadness, while in Mexico there were many protest marches for the missing students in Guerrero. Thoughts and prayers to all

  2. you find a way to express current…and sad events… in your art…

  3. I agree, Lyle. The world almost seems to have forgotten about the plight of these girls. That is a crime in itself. I love your image: it makes such an impact. You couldn’t have summed up their position any better. Yes, I’m back on blogger. I’ve left facebook behind and going back to the basics.


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