Posted by: Lyle | July 11, 2015

Here we are!

miami017 (Medium)_edited

We finally made it!  After a winter of packing  boxes, dealing with builders, and trying to sell houses WE ARE HERE TO STAY!!!  The boxes are unpacked, all our favorite treasures are on a shelf or in a cupboard and we are almost ready to tour around and see what its all about! We have seen many different birds and a few strange little critters! We’ve had white Ibis poking in the lawn for bugs and tiny lizzards watching our every move outdoors! The rainstorms are wild and lightening is really incredible! It gets very hot here in central Florida  but the rain cools it quickly! Like the man said “beats snow” We’ll be back with more reports soon! Thanks for your patience!

 20150711_072853 (640x480)

Just had to add this in…..a Florida Resident snake in a birdhouse, in the bush!


  1. I tried to comment this morning, don’t think it went through. Like your old fashioned gal in her swimsuit. Glad you are settling in so well. Hot here too, but not so humid as you. xox

  2. so happy you are settling in…looking forward to more reports from your beautiful part of the world! AND, jealous I have to say that you won’t be dealing with snow, well, better say that quietly, you never know with the changing climate!


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