Posted by: Lyle | October 18, 2015

Hurry !


IMG_3173 (800x651)

These men are hurrying to our Etsy site”” to see all the goodies Toni has put on there for sale.We have been hard at work on new things for you to see. She has been creating fun earrings and I have been carving stamps for new notecards! At the same time  her kitchen was ripped out and redone. Whee  a mess but what an improvement! A few other improvements are in the works and we are awaiting the landscaper to give us a bit of privacy! We are really enjoying Florida and learning new things about this state. We are located in central Fla. which is totally different from the Vero Beach area where my family lived.I.will try to write sooner now that things are calming down! Take care out there!


  1. Hey there, everyone asked about your card so I just shared your shop on my facebook page. Love the crows…..xox

    • you are a good friend! thank you!


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