Posted by: Lyle | January 19, 2016



For some unknown reason I am drawn to Frida Kahlo! Her life was a sad story but her art work was wonderful. This year the New York Botanical Garden held an exhibit of her work. My friend Richard Kapral, a Maine artist, knowing I was interested sent me a catalog from the show. It is actually a  book of over one  hundred pages about her and showing many pictures of her work. that got me in the Frida mode again and above you see one of several mixed media paintings of her that I have done. For this one I first painted the background then applied a section of a Mexican newspaper showing the womens news! She looks right at home! If you don’t know Frida  check her out on your computer. you will find many interesting things! And maybe be inspired as I was!



  1. Marvelous piece about Frida. Quite the complex background. Stay in Florida, it’s 14F in Maine today, maybe colder where your friend is. xox

  2. how wonderful to see so much of her work! I’ve only seen a few pieces. Very nice to have the catalog to wander through.
    and 70 degrees…jealous!


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