Posted by: Lyle | June 20, 2016

The Great Blue Heron

IMG_3988 (800x661) (800x661) (800x661)I am celebrating  a birthday later this week. Too many years to count!  A very large package arrived  at the beginning of this month which Toni insisted I open right away  even tho it wasn’t the birthday yet! What a packing job! this blue girl is almost 5 ft. tall and has a metal stand. You can imagine the hassle trying to pack it to ship  from  Longmont, Colorado, the home of Stephanie Hilvitz, the amazing artist who created Ms. Blue!  I live in Florida the land of these birds! What a wonderful birthday gift from two  of my favorite girls! When you read  the labels on the body  you can get a clue as to what this beauty has eaten! All healthy  food and drink!  Ms. Blue is in a prime location as you go in and out of my studio so that all can visit with her. Thank you , Toni and Stephanie!  .P.S. rodrigivitz style  is steph’s blog. do look there to see her current  work!






















  1. Ms Blue is gorgeous! Hope your birthday was good with many more lovely surprises.


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