Day 1 “Just A Note” has become a blog!

Hello Everyone!

     We are trying our hand at blogging to send you all the news there is about Almost Heaven. Let us know if there is anything we can add to the blog to make it interesting for you.  Hold on tight… we go!


     If you haven’t ever been to Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, we are about 1/2 hour away from Atlantic City and about an hour away from Philadelphia (if you violate the speed limit!). The town was first chartered in 1856 and was a mix of residential, commercial and farming. The community was predominantly of German heritage, with a German language newspaper, “The Egg Harbor Pilot”, first published in 1858.  The town built up close to the railroad for ease of transporting goods and people. We can still walk to the railroad, postoffice, grocery store, library, pharmacy, several banks, hardware store, plumbing store and several restaurants and watering holes. It truly is a wonderful small town.  Here are a few pictures from the Egg Harbor Historical Society’s stash!


     I could blab about Egg Harbor for many moons but I won’t bore you with the minutia. We have some wonderful shops in our Downtown. As I said previously, we have Senn’s Plumbing, the TruValue hardware store, French Country Corner Flower Shop, Honey’s Interiors, Egg Harbor Florist, Egg Harbor Newstand and La Placida. Hopefully the town will continue to grow in population which in turn will support the downtown businesses.

     I think this has got to be it for today! I will continue tomorrow and let you know what’s going on in the shop!



  1. very nice beginning. I do hope you sent a copy to the maor and his fellow councilmen! cant wait to see the next issue! lyle

  2. Hey Lyle,
    stumbled across this by accident.
    nice job – keep it going…..
    a nice German -Italian Deli would be great, yes?
    see you in the store…..I’ll be coming soon to get my Friendship Candle Bulbs!


  3. The page is great!!!!! And yours kids stories are wonderful! I very much enjoyed reading about them each. Thank you and Good Luck!!!

  4. Love the blog – keep up the good work. Egg Harbor sounds like a wonderful place. Maybe we’ll visit someday 😉

    Love from Florida — Marni and Jim

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