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For some unknown reason I am drawn to Frida Kahlo! Her life was a sad story but her art work was wonderful. This year the New York Botanical Garden held an exhibit of her work. My friend Richard Kapral, a Maine artist, knowing I was interested sent me a catalog from the show. It is actually a  book of over one  hundred pages about her and showing many pictures of her work. that got me in the Frida mode again and above you see one of several mixed media paintings of her that I have done. For this one I first painted the background then applied a section of a Mexican newspaper showing the womens news! She looks right at home! If you don’t know Frida  check her out on your computer. you will find many interesting things! And maybe be inspired as I was!

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Some Days

IMG_3460 (800x606)

Some days you just have to doodle!  I had a canvas sitting around , partially painted and very uninspiring!  One evening  I picked it up and saw some faces peeking out!   I had a great time finding all those faces and the canvas makes me smile whenever I look at it!  Try it!  Its fun!











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snoman in red051 (Medium)Happy holidays from  Lyle and Toni! Even tho we aren’t in the land of snowmen any more we are still hoping Santa comes to visit you! Have fun, laugh lots, and be glad you have family and friends!

Posted by: Lyle | November 26, 2015

New Digs for New Stuff

IMG_3361 (800x534) IMG_3360 (800x534) IMG_3364 (800x534) IMG_3362 (800x534) IMG_3359 (800x534)

This is what we’ve been doing for the past three weeks! Trying to create an appealing shop out of the room we rented in a shop called “Every Nook and Cranny” in Mt. Dora ,Fla . It is a busy town with all kinds of small shops selling antiques, collectibles and hand crafted items.! Plus food and drink!  Not far from Renningers Antiques which is known all over the east coast for great stuff! We’ve had fun getting it organized and already have sold a few things! Hopefully this will be the place for Toni and me to sell our many things! We will keep you posted! Cross your fingers for us! thanks, Lyle

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A Day at the Water

IMG_3330We took a day off from many projects to learn more about Florida’s longest waterway. The trip was sponsored by our local community center . We were three among many  but no problem !  Our mode of transportation was the large, restored  paddleboat shown in the photo. The two lower decks were furnished as dining rooms and we munched as we rolled up and down the river!. Our tour guide was also the owner of the boat  so we learned about the river boat business as well as the St  Johns river .There were a few homes along the shores but most of the land has now been purchased by the state  so that the waterway will be as close to the early days as possible. It was a lovely day, the food was great and the group was fun!  It was a good  adventure for a day off!

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Happy Halloween!

We did find the Halloween decorations and added the heads for something different this year! Enjoy the treats and have fun!IMG_3322

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Hurry !


IMG_3173 (800x651)

These men are hurrying to our Etsy site”” to see all the goodies Toni has put on there for sale.We have been hard at work on new things for you to see. She has been creating fun earrings and I have been carving stamps for new notecards! At the same time  her kitchen was ripped out and redone. Whee  a mess but what an improvement! A few other improvements are in the works and we are awaiting the landscaper to give us a bit of privacy! We are really enjoying Florida and learning new things about this state. We are located in central Fla. which is totally different from the Vero Beach area where my family lived.I.will try to write sooner now that things are calming down! Take care out there!

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Here we are!

miami017 (Medium)_edited

We finally made it!  After a winter of packing  boxes, dealing with builders, and trying to sell houses WE ARE HERE TO STAY!!!  The boxes are unpacked, all our favorite treasures are on a shelf or in a cupboard and we are almost ready to tour around and see what its all about! We have seen many different birds and a few strange little critters! We’ve had white Ibis poking in the lawn for bugs and tiny lizzards watching our every move outdoors! The rainstorms are wild and lightening is really incredible! It gets very hot here in central Florida  but the rain cools it quickly! Like the man said “beats snow” We’ll be back with more reports soon! Thanks for your patience!

 20150711_072853 (640x480)

Just had to add this in…..a Florida Resident snake in a birdhouse, in the bush!

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celebrate 1134 (Medium)

When you are enjoying the holiday please remember all the good men and women who have supported our wonderful country  here and abroad! In the whole wide world we are the luckiest people!  Sometimes we forget who helps us stay in that spot!

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Women In Red


Last night amid the horrible news from Baltimore I heard that 300 women and children in Nigeria had been rescued from their captors! Sadly the original group of girls was not among them and may never be returned to their families.  It is wonderful for the families of those rescued, but incredibly sad for the parents of those still missing.! I wish  I had a magic wand to wave and have those girls magically appear at home, but I don’t. All I can do is hope and pray  that somehow they will get home. Please don’t forget them!

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