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seedpodsandbutter011 (Medium)

I think it must be Spring! the calender says so! I don’t see any butterflys out my window but I did put some in a little picture I want to make note cards from! They seem to be investigating the pods scattered about! Seed pods are interesting things and one day I decided to see if they were good to carve! Simple, fun and useful! When combined with Monarchs they make an interesting  picture! The question is do the Monarchs know what they are or are they just “nosey”? You tell me!




Posted by: Lyle | March 15, 2014

Garden Plans

lyle garden plans007 (Medium)

Winter weather makes you wish for something warmer! I have a place where I save scraps and small pictures that I might use another day. Digging there for inspiration I came across a little pile of black and white garden pictures. Just the thing to play with on a dreary day! While fooling with the placement of little bees I took time out to look at the newest from several fellow bloggers. Multi tasking??Please visit  stephanie  at at to see her stories of researching  Monarch butterflies for a large art project she is involved in. I knew I needed to add the colorful  monarchs to complete my picture and to salute her wonderful work!   You’ll see more  on later posts!

Posted by: Lyle | February 16, 2014

Dear George

IMG_2711_edited (Medium)

 Do you ever feel like this when you read your mail??? When I read the letters forming the background I imagined how “Dear George ” felt. Each letter was from a different woman who thought George should be hers alone! I hope he laughed and found his true love elsewhere! Its fun to pretend  you are in control  once in a while! My friend Corrine sent me some envelopes of few of which contained these old letters. It took me a while to get “roundtuit ” , but what great background they make!

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Happy Valentines Day!

Just wanted to wish all a good day on February 14th!  The header on the blog is a card from Paper House Productions, altered by Lyle and given to Toni!

Chao (or is that Meow?)

Posted by: Lyle | January 31, 2014

Wishing You warmer Days!

IMG_2705_edited (Medium)

 This has been a looong winter and its only just begun! I’ve had enough already. So when I had the need to paint I came up with the above – a lady in a bathing suit gazing at warm places! Didnt try for that,  it was just what came out of a pile of  assorted pictures! The background is bits and oieces of previously painted papers.  Try it - just reach in the pile some dreary day and see if your work echoes your dreams!And let the rest of us know!

Posted by: Lyle | January 4, 2014

silly painting!

crow heaven 2 (Medium)

Some  days I just have to do something different. I had made a pile of background papers–now what to do with them?   I cut some trees from a favorite background  and glued them down. pretty fancy trees! I was rooting in a drawer for something else when I came across some crows I had stamped earlier. Aha she said ! just the thing! Crow Heaven!  who knows what they dream of while  in the tops of trees. The  sunflowers came from another stash. I got the”” I have to paint” out of my system and you have something to smile at!

Posted by: Lyle | December 24, 2013

Just Resting !



Posted by: Lyle | November 14, 2013

My Favorite Things

crows and circles(Medium) (2)

On cold days we need warm things and its cold here in the East today! So I am bringing you a picture that seems on the warm side! Two of my favorite subjects - crows and circles! Both were created from hand stamped paper, then adhered to the red background with  matte medium.   Just fun on a chilly day. What are you doing to warm up?

Posted by: Lyle | November 2, 2013

Teaching Peace!


teaching peace

Teaching peace is as important as “preaching” peace! If our children grew up understanding “peace” many things would be different today! And can be tomorrow!  Maybe we wouldnt have so many anger driven shootings in our country! what are your thoughts? We’d like to hear them!

Posted by: Lyle | October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween


halloween2013 (Medium)

Our cats are all dancing because they can wish you sppooky fun on Halloween!


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