Posted by: Lyle | October 4, 2014

Here they come


Here they come!  The last of the dancers! For some strange reason I’ve been possessed by these dancing men with costumes of hand made paper. They are attached to paper spattered with black and a hand carved stamp of swirls. I tell myself no more! Its time to move on! I wonder if there is a message here that I am not “getting”  In any event you will not be visited by any more dancers. If I have my way!

Posted by: Lyle | September 8, 2014


IMG_2801We have done many things over the summer but nothing that would be something special to blog about. I have fussed and fumed about all kinds of things, but to no avail. The missing girls in Africa have not been found,  no wars have been stopped and no terrorists captured. And I cant do anything about any of it but bellyache! However World Peace Day does come this month and I did feel inspired to make a “Flag for Peace” !As ever my walking women are searching for Peace as pieces of the globe fly off behind them and the birds of doom fly overhead!  We can only hope and pray for Peace in the world!


Posted by: Lyle | July 11, 2014

Summer Fun ?

lillys and pops tree

When  I go out my back door this is what I see! Wish they looked like this all year around  ! M y neighbor’s kitchen window looks out on the Lilys  too . They hide the base of the steps in the summer and give us both something pretty to see. Indoors I’ve been busy cleaning out closets, moving pictures around, and trying to get rid of stuff I don’t need !Lots of stuff!  The Goodwill store has seen me often lately! Art work has taken a back seat this summer, but its calling me  and soon I’ll have some different things to share with you! Meanwhile, have a happy, calm, cool Summer!






Posted by: Lyle | June 5, 2014

Walking Women

The women walking in the header above will be there and keep walking until we learn the true fate of those Nigerian girls who were kidnapped! I realize many things must be done quietly and behind the scenes but we have heard nothing , not even that the search is on! I cant believe that the mothers of the world will just forget about the whole thing!Please write, email, facebook , do something to remind the powers that be that we want those girls found!

Posted by: Lyle | May 13, 2014

Talk, Talk, Talk

IMG_2715 (772x800) (2)

Lets all stop talking and write the President and Ms. Obama to tell them we are appalled at the kidnappings in Nigeria and that we want the U.S. to DO something logical to get them back! Do we have to pay for the girls release? Perhaps that’s the only way to go and then relieve the hoodlums of their leader! Something  has to be done! Please write the White house and let them know your thoughts! What would our Govt. do  if these were American girls???

Posted by: Lyle | April 18, 2014

Is it Spring Yet?

flowerbuttercard010 (Medium)

I know what the calendar says! But the thermometer says 30 some degrees! Easter is upon us  and I needed a card for you! So rather than go out in the cold I gathered the scraps on the table and made you a basket of flowers! Happy Spring!

Posted by: Lyle | April 4, 2014



seedpodsandbutter011 (Medium)

I think it must be Spring! the calender says so! I don’t see any butterflys out my window but I did put some in a little picture I want to make note cards from! They seem to be investigating the pods scattered about! Seed pods are interesting things and one day I decided to see if they were good to carve! Simple, fun and useful! When combined with Monarchs they make an interesting  picture! The question is do the Monarchs know what they are or are they just “nosey”? You tell me!




Posted by: Lyle | March 15, 2014

Garden Plans

lyle garden plans007 (Medium)

Winter weather makes you wish for something warmer! I have a place where I save scraps and small pictures that I might use another day. Digging there for inspiration I came across a little pile of black and white garden pictures. Just the thing to play with on a dreary day! While fooling with the placement of little bees I took time out to look at the newest from several fellow bloggers. Multi tasking??Please visit  stephanie  at at to see her stories of researching  Monarch butterflies for a large art project she is involved in. I knew I needed to add the colorful  monarchs to complete my picture and to salute her wonderful work!   You’ll see more  on later posts!

Posted by: Lyle | February 16, 2014

Dear George

IMG_2711_edited (Medium)

 Do you ever feel like this when you read your mail??? When I read the letters forming the background I imagined how “Dear George ” felt. Each letter was from a different woman who thought George should be hers alone! I hope he laughed and found his true love elsewhere! Its fun to pretend  you are in control  once in a while! My friend Corrine sent me some envelopes of few of which contained these old letters. It took me a while to get “roundtuit ” , but what great background they make!

Posted by: Lyle | February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Just wanted to wish all a good day on February 14th!  The header on the blog is a card from Paper House Productions, altered by Lyle and given to Toni!

Chao (or is that Meow?)

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